Conveyor switch

Longitudinal tear detector

The longitudinal tear detector is mainly used to detect the phenomenon of longitudinal tearing of the belt conveyor belt. When the belt tears, it can timely send a stop signal to prevent the expansion of the tearing accident.

  • XLZL-B
  • 24V-380V
  • IP67
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  • The longitudinal tear detector is widely used in various fields such as metallurgy, coal, cement building materials, mining, power, ports, metallurgy, chemical engineering, etc., including conventional belt conveyors, underground cableway support belt conveyors, ship loading and unloading systems, stacker/reclaimer conveyors, inclined and shuttle conveyors, cranes, excavators, boom limiters, skirt feeders, etc.


Conveyor switch

XLZL-B longitudinal tear detector

The XLZL-B longitudinal tear detector provides reliable protection for expensive belts. The detector can provide a quotation signal or shut down the conveyor when the belt is torn, broken, overlapped, or scratched by sharp objects. The tear detector is installed in pairs on both sides of the conveyor belt, with two sections of steel wire rope connected (the steel wire rope is covered with a plastic outer protective layer). One end of the rope is permanently fixed on the support bracket to prevent the rope from being lost, while the other end is connected to the spring ball of the tear switch. The two steel ropes form a closed loop under the belt. When an object or torn belt is suspended and falls onto one or two steel ropes, the spring ball is pulled out of the base, and the tear switch sends an alarm signal or shutdown signal. After the accident is resolved, the spring ball is reinstalled into the base, The tear switch eliminates the alarm signal and provides reliable and stable alarm and shutdown protection for possible damage to the conveyor belt. Although the detector is far from simple, it plays a significant role. The sturdy shell, heavy-duty structure, and simple installation method make the detector work in any harsh environment< Br/>

Simple and sturdy structure, no need for frequent maintenance of high-pressure cast aluminum casing

High sensitivity of large capacity micro contacts in electrostatic anti-corrosion coating,

Only 0.9Kg of force is needed to trigger the switch. The cast aluminum shell with protective layer

Integrated cover plate for easy wiring< Br/>

Main parameters

Environmental temperature: -10~65 ℃

Relative humidity: 0-95%

Atmospheric pressure: 80-11Kpa

Working voltage: AC220V 50/60Hz

Load current: AC380V 5A, DC24V; 5A

Protection level: IP67

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XLZL-B longitudinal tear switch, tear detector

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